So, who said Soho was all about seediness and SEX??

Nah, a great music and spoken word night happens there every month.

It’s called “Jazz Verse Jukebox” and it is hosted by the formidable beauty JUmoke Fashola.

I performed there couple of months ago. It was a great night although i was a tad overwhelmed :-) Such a wonderful and attentive crowd. I forgot London had nights like that.  

The place was packed! There was great staff, great musician’s, great Vibe.

I played songs off my new album “The Soul Remembers Everything” (out now- click here to get it: www.bandcamp.com/vedinamose)

Thank you to everyone that came. Would love to play that night again…



Performing an acoustic version of my song “Warrior” Live at Ronnie Scotts. Click to watch on youtube and PLEASE leave a comment if you like.



Vedina Mosé CICAS® Internet Interview


Vedina Mosé

My new song “Warrior” is now available to listen to in it’s full length version on soundcloud. If you are inspired to„ please, leave a comment. XxX


Some pictures from my recording sessions at Dada studios in Shoreditch. I played a lot of instruments on this album! Thanks to Giorgios Botis for being such a nice engineer to work with. 



After a few weeks of 10 hour days in the studio peculiar things start happening to you.

You develop a sensitivity to sunlight and have to wear shades when outdoors. Flare is a word you no longer associate with trousers from the 70’s.

You think in bars…walking down the street, counting steps to the station….

You find that you are able to survive on a handful of almonds, chocolate, coconut water and 1 hour rest.

Note that I did not say sleep but rest… for when you lay your head on a pillow and close your eyes what happens cannot be accurately described as sleep……thoughts from the day cascade around your head… “should I put that harmony in 5ths of 3rds….?….does that tritone substitution work during that last verse…… Do I really want that sound on the bass…?”

And then the thing that is cause of most concern is the day off. You look forward to it then, when it arrives: You. Can. Not. Un………..Wind. You promise you will not work on music, that you will enthusiastically join the land of the living and do “normal things” like clean your house, have dinner with friends, gardening… you promise your loved ones that you will engage in non music related activities with relish…..

but, ooh la la… it feels awkward…. the mind wanders…then you realise….you miss the studio… aaahhh!!


last minute alterations to arrangements…

then into the live room to nail the take…

a quick tune up in between

Take done, headphones down



And so, we opened that gate and look what we found…

A while ago, in the fair gentrified slum of Dalston, there was a place called Open the Gate. I used to go there and chill, eat nice food, read books, listen to great DJ’s, hear   top knotch live music, hear poetry, go to market and by african print clothes…. that kind of thing, it was child friendly and they had really comfy beanbags… it closed down and I was sad but so happy and grateful at all the wonderful enriching things I experienced there.

One of those things was the poet Anthony Anaxagorou. HIs poetry is honest, eloquent and refreshing. He is not afraid to tackle controversial and sensitive issues such as race, gender and inequality. Indeed, he does so with much alacrity and it is always eye opening to read his work and hear him recite. I often find it rather emotional. I cry far too easily sometimes I think! But there is strength in vulnerability…

He has a blog, check it out. His last post ” a short critique of patriarchy…” is worth a read and you will definately have much to ponder.



Sydenham Arts festival

I’m performing at the Sydenham art’s festival on acoustic night on Thursday 15th July. I played there year and it was stellar. If your around come down- it will be a treat. As well as me there will be Charlene Soraia who had a No1 hit on itunes with her cover of “wherever you will go”. It’s definately going to sell out so get your tickets in advance. 

Click on the link to find out more


all about vedina

Vedina Mosé is an artist of the future. Singer, musician, poet, mother, lover and social critic. She uses her artistry to open hearts and minds via the medium of critically acclaimed albums, essays, poetry, and crazy dancing. She challenges people's expectations, doesn't give a F**k about fame and her dream is that one day we will create a paradise on earth free of racism, patiarchy and discrimination of all kinds. Welcome to my world.



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